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Park Cruisers


WARNING! All park goers be aware of cruisers. Reports have come in regarding two men, initiating contact with individuals in the park, and escalating the nature of the exchange to be sexual. So far, reports have only come from well built, sexy men. The most concerning account has come from a man named Damian Brooks. Hes named these park cruisers as Jay Black and Jordano Santoro. The following is a description of the affair: On a warm afternoon, Brooks was approached by Black and Santoro. The two had lust in their eyes. Brooks offered information that revealed he lived close to the park. The three men walked to Brookss residence where they engaged in passionate kissing in the elevator on the way to the apartment. Once inside, Damian sucked the other mens erect cocks. Santoro subsequently licked Brookss asshole, then slid his fat dick in and pounded Brookss tight, warm pocket. Black indeed face fucked Brooks during this time. Santoro and Black switched sides and continued the banging. Eventually, Brooks rode Santoros stiff meat pole while simultaneously enjoying a good oral cock invasion from Black. These events culminated into incidents that were described as explosive. This is the current extent of known details. Please watch the attached film for more information. Enjoy!

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