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The Grand Tour
Yates is the type of dude that takes what he wants. As an interior painter, he comes across a good share of hot guys looking to rent apartments. Today hes meeting Kiern Duecan, a muscular, athletic young man whos interested in checking out the condo space. Yates can tell that Kiern likes what he seesand I dont mean the condo.Yates uses an old trick to see if guys wanna hook up. He goes into the bathroom, making plenty of noise so the dude knows, but leaves the door open a little. Then Yates pulls his fat cock out and just stands there. If a fish is hungry, hell bite. Kiern is definitely biting. He tries to slightly show interest by lingering for a fraction of a second longer than necessary after walking in on Yates. A few moments later, Yates walks into the empty master bedroom with his cock hanging out of his work jeans. Kiern wastes no time getting low and putting his lips around the huge dong. After enjoying Yatess throbber for a bit, they switch so Kiern can get his own boner wet. But Yates doesnt like to waste an opportunity, and this ones as golden as they come. You gotta see the hard pounding he delivers to Kierns tight hole. Chalk up another one for the hard working Yates!


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